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Summer Session: 
June 17th-Aug 26th

5-Week Testing: May 6 @ 8:30 AM
10-Week Testing: June 10 @ 8:30 AM

Memorial Day 
May 29th
Class Times
5 AM (KB)
6 AM (KB)
7 AM (COMBO 1:15 )
No PM Classes!

Farrell’s Urbandale Group Fitness Program!

Our unique group fitness program includes a full-body workout that’s designed to for all ages and fitness levels. Add muscle, lose body fat and transform your body and mind through cardio kickboxing, strength training, nutrition guidance and member accountability in a fun, supportive and encouraging environment.

Whether you’re looking to tone up, lose inches, build strength or endurance, or just have fun working out, Farrell’s eXtreme Bodyshaping Urbandale can help you achieve your fitness goals. Contact us to learn more about our fitness program and fitness family at Farrell’s Urbandale.

The Farrell's Program

Join the premier Urbandale 10-Week Fitness Challenge as you add muscle, lose body fat and transform your body and mind.

At Farrell's eXtreme Bodyshaping, we offer classes that are designed to give all fitness levels extreme results. We focus on four components to help you transform your body and change the way that you think about fitness to achieve long-lasting lifestyle changes.

Farrell's Kickboxing

Our kickboxing classes, derived from martial arts, are high-intensity cardio classes that burn fat and build endurance while offering variety and fun.

Farrell's StrengthTraining
Strength training is essential to building lean muscle and burning fat and calories – in motion and at rest. Using resistance bands provides the benefits of building core strength in a safe environment.

Farrell's Nutrition
We provide resources and information to fuel your body for peak performance on and off the mats. From carbohydrate and protein intake based on your body measurements, to simple meal plans, healthy eating is essential to your success.

Farrell's Personal CoachesOur certified instructors are trained to keep you safe, motivated and working hard in each class to help you reach yo
ur Level 10. Instructors add variety and fun to class while encouraging you to strive for excellence.Our coaches provide one-on-one support. They encourage, motivate, answer questions, and help guide you through the program.

Whether you're an avid athlete or never stepped into a gym before, our 10-week fitness challenge will help you reach your fitness goals. We're here to boost your endurance and confidence like never before.

Our 10-week challenge fills up quickly, so enroll today!

For questions, class times, pricing or other information, give us a call. Our friendly staff is here for you. Call us at (515) 252-0889 or simply enroll below. Want to give us a try? Register for a free class.

Are You Ready to Transform?


Local News

Winter $1000 Winner


Have you found your "WHY?" Here's the story of our member Wendy S. and her reason "WHY"

I've always been athletic. I was in sports in high school. I've always considered myself to be in pretty decent shape. It helped that my metabolism seemed to be pretty good, as well. In 2008, as a senior at Iowa State University, during my last semester, I met who I thought was the man of my dreams. We moved rather quickly and were pregnant and engaged within the first few months of knowing one another. Before we even had a chance to get to married, we lost our baby. This set me into a depression. However, this subsided because we did get pregnant again fairly quickly. We got married when I was just shy of 10 weeks pregnant for the second time. During my pregnancy, I found out my mom had a brain tumor. She had an operation and the tumor was removed, however, it grew back almost instantaneously. She made the choice to not go through the operation again, due to all of the risks involved. My mom watched my son be born. She was in the room with us, barely able to stand because the tumor was affecting her so. But she was there. She passed away when my son was just 5 months old, on my very first Mother's Day as a mom.
This was such a hard time, and I turned to alcohol as a coping mechanism. My husband at the time drank quite a bit as well, so I didn't see this as a Wendyproblem. I started to gain weight then. He never looked at me the same after having a child, and told me on many occasions that I was unattractive because I had stretch marks and was "fat". I wasn't fat when he started this, I had just had a baby. However, his words cut deep and eventually, I was fat. I tried to go to the gym. I was isolated from my friends and family, so I didn't have any support other than him. However, when I started seeing changes in my body, changes for the better, I was then accused of "losing the weight to find a new boyfriend". Again, these words cut deep and I quit going to the gym. My husband was in the military and was sent to Afghanistan. All of this; having a baby, losing my mom, and my husband getting sent overseas; happened within the first year of our marriage.

While he was gone, the accusations of "trying to find another boyfriend" continued, so I didn't work on myself or my body at all while he was away. When he came back, he was even more judgmental and would often say and do things to make me feel unloved, and unwanted. I felt ugly. I felt fat. And I felt like even if I did lose weight, it wouldn't matter because I was worthless.

Eventually, when my son was just over 2 years old I realized that wasn't the home I wanted to raise my son in, and I left. I knew he deserved better than seeing his mommy be put down daily. I decided that I wanted to better myself. I had a friend who was selling a weight loss product, and I started using that. And it really did work. For a while. I had lost a lot of weight, and felt like I looked so much better. I got some confidence back. I started to go out with my friends when my son was with his dad. I had a social life again!

But with that social life, came drinking, and going out to eat quite often. I quit taking the weight loss pills, and I gained every pound back.... and then some. I lived in a duplex at the time, and our mailbox was less than 50 feet from our door. Our son would want to race me from the mailbox to the door, and I couldn't even jog that 50 feet without being winded. We would sit on the couch and watch TV on the week nights and weekends he was with me. We went out to eat a lot because it was easier than cooking.

My son started Kindergarten in 2015 and when my ex-husband and I met at the school for his Fall conference, my son went to give me a hug and said "Wow, mommy. It looks like you're going to have a baby!" He said that in front of my ex-husband, who laughed and once again made me feel worthless.

It was almost my 30th birthday. I decided I wanted to have a party. I invited my friends. They took pictures. And then I saw the pictures. How was that me? I had NEVER in my life looked like that.
A friend of mine from my home town had posted her before and after pictures from Farrell's eXtreme Bodyshaping. She had just had a baby. I thought, "hey, if she can do it after just having a baby, so can I". I went to the gym in Urbandale. Mandi showed me around. I saw the 4:30 class happening, and saw a few people I knew, and one of them came over. Amy told me "You're going to love this place." Honestly, all I saw when I walked in was people who were in shape, who knew what they were doing, and I knew I couldn't do that. But I signed up anyway.

When I did my weigh in, I couldn't believe it. I weighed almost as much as I did when I was pregnant! I had to make a change. Javier was my coach. He taught the first kickboxing class I took. I seriously thought I was going to die. I was punching, and he was yelling at me to "go again!" I told him I couldn't, and blamed it on my asthma. I could see the disappointment in his face when he walked away from my bag, and to be honest, it pissed me off. I decided right then that I wasn't going to see him look at me like that again, and I kept going.

After my 10 week session, I saw great results, but not as great as I wanted. I signed up for a year because I knew I could do better. And now I've been there for over a year. And I'm not stopping anytime soon.

The best part of Farrell's isn't the gym. It isn't the kickboxing. It isn't the strength training. It's the people you meet. Living in Urbandale, I had a few friends, but no family close. I have family now. Family that I see every day. Family who supports my goals, and are chasing after the same goals as I am. I cannot explain how much of an impact this place has had on my life.

Although I don't concentrate on the numbers (because muscle weighs more than fat), I have lost over 25 pounds since starting Farrell's. My son is now almost 7 and he tells me all the time that I look skinny and always talks about how strong I am, and let's be honest, kids don't have a filter when it comes to that stuff, so this means so much coming from him. We go on bike rides all the time. We go on walks, which sometimes turn into jogs. And I can keep up with him! In fact, I beat him sometimes.

It's so rewarding to look in the mirror and see the changes, but what is even more rewarding, is seeing the smile on my son's face when we are playing together. And I wouldn't be where I am without my Farrell's Family.

Thank you, Farrell's for giving me my life back!

*Disclaimer: The above testimonial and photos were contributed by an actual member. We cannot guarantee everyone will achieve similar results. We do believe that everyone can achieve measurable results, but the specific results will vary from person to person

Fall 2016 $1000 Winner

*Individual results may vary.

Meet Our Staff

I started Farrell's in January 2013 in a quest to find something to keep me motivated and take care of my body for longer than just the spring and summer months. I enjoyed running in the spring and summer but would always lose interest due to boredom or the changing weather.
During my 10 week extreme challenge, it wasn't long before I realized I was hooked. The variety of classes from kickboxing to resistance bands along with the different instructors was just what I needed to keep my interest. I knew early on I was going to sign up and become a FIT member and continue attending.
Not long after becoming a FIT member I was asked to be an instructor for the kickboxing portion of the program. This was something I had in the back of my mind but wasn't expecting so soon. Being able to share what this program has done for me with others and watch them succeed is one of the most rewarding experiences of Farrell's for me.
Farrell's has become like a family to me and many of the other FIT members you will see each and every day. It has become something I do every day, without even thing about it, just like breathing. It is definitely a part of my life that keeps me motivated, challenged and looking forward to attending class for every workout. It is just part of who I am now!
Farrell's is awesome!
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Seeing My Hard Work Pay Off at Farrell's

Everyone has their reasons for wanting to create a healthy lifestyle change. It may be by doctor’s orders, they may do it for themselves, or maybe they do it for their loved ones. It took me a while to commit to a healthy lifestyle change, but my Farrell’s family helped me stay committed to my goals through all of their positive encouragement.

A Second Chance for Success at Farrell's

By the end of that second 10-week session, I was fitting comfortably into size 34 jeans after starting at size 42.* My doctor was even amazed - she was absolutely giddy as I was her first patient she completely took off of medications.

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Head Coach: Linda S. Kuhn
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