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How has FXB affected/changed your life?

  I have hit 40 lbs lost in my 2 years of hard work. I am able to do more and enjoy life.

Why did/do you want to become a coach/instructor?

  I had been an instructor in the past and missed helping others achieve their goals and motivating hard work.
I started Farrell's in January 2013 in a quest to find something to keep me motivated and take care of my body for longer than just the spring and summer months. I enjoyed running in the spring and summer but would always lose interest due to boredom or the changing weather.
During my 10 week extreme challenge, it wasn't long before I realized I was hooked. The variety of classes from kickboxing to resistance bands along with the different instructors was just what I needed to keep my interest. I knew early on I was going to sign up and become a FIT member and continue attending.
Not long after becoming a FIT member I was asked to be an instructor for the kickboxing portion of the program. This was something I had in the back of my mind but wasn't expecting so soon. Being able to share what this program has done for me with others and watch them succeed is one of the most rewarding experiences of Farrell's for me.
Farrell's has become like a family to me and many of the other FIT members you will see each and every day. It has become something I do every day, without even thing about it, just like breathing. It is definitely a part of my life that keeps me motivated, challenged and looking forward to attending class for every workout. It is just part of who I am now!
Farrell's is awesome!
Coach and Instructor

Why did you start Farrell’s?
My husband had been coming to Farrell’s for over five years. He told me I’d love it.

Why do you love coming to Farrell’s?
As an endurance athlete, it helps me stay balanced with strength training and cardio.

Why did you decide to coach and instruct?
I wanted to share my energy with others!

Why did you start Farrell’s?
I was overweight and unhappy. I decided it was time to do something about it and kickboxing seemed like a pretty awesome way to do it. I fell in love immediately with FXB.

How has Farrell’s changed your life?
I got my life back. I’m happier and more confident than I’ve ever been.

Why did you decide to coach?
I want to inspire others to push to their potential and help them to achieve their goals.

Why did you start Farrell’s?
I started because a friend had done the program and invited me. I had never been able to stick to a workout program and loved the workout.

How has Farrell’s changed your life?
I was a year out of my marriage and the friends and support I received was far more than expected. Not only did I get into the best shaped I have been in over twenty years, but I made great friends as well.


Why did you decide to coach?
I started coaching because of my belief in the program and the support I received. I want to give someone else that same support I experienced and be a part of what could be life changing for someone. This program helped me at a couple of really low points in my life and it is all because of the family I have here.

Coach and Instructor
Why did you start Farrell’s?
About 6 months before I started Farrell’s one of my daughters was diagnosed with anorexia. I learned a lot going through that battle with her and developed a good understanding of what an eating disorder, any eating disorder, can do to you mentally, physically and emotionally. Part way through her treatment I came to the realization that I too have an eating disorder. I am a recovering foodalholic & binge eater.

I joined Farrell’s to show my girls this could be done in a healthy and fun a way, but I also did it get into better shape and to give me another outlet instead of eating.


How has Farrell’s changed your life?
During my almost 3 years of doing Farrell’s I’ve gained a strength and confidence that I never knew I had before and it has given me the drive to not let my personal health issues control my quality of life. I will never give up, and I will never quit.

Why did you decide to coach and instruct?

After my first 10 weeks in the program, I found out that my posts on Facebook about my progress were actually inspiring other people. Not long after that I suddenly had a group of people that I was text messaging almost daily to help motivate them. Then just before Thanksgiving 2013, during the days of thankfulness posts on Facebook, a friend posted that she was thankful for me and my almost daily text messages of motivation and encouragement. “I” was actually inspiring people... WOW! I’d never inspired anyone before. It was then that I decided I wanted to become an FXB coach so I could help people reach their goals.

I became a strength training instructor because this program gave me the confidence to try and the desire to not let my fears stop me. Now I’m going to be trained as a kickboxing instructor to continue conquering my fears.

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